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Welcome to Woodlands Amersham 

Pre-School Day Nursery

Established 2000

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Our Ethos 

Woodlands recognizes children as individuals and support the development of confidence, independence, curiosity and nurture their self-esteem and well-being.  Our environment promotes kindness, respect, honestly and caring for others.

Our Values 

. A family setting that feels like home, a place that is nurturing and harmonious.

. A diverse and inclusive setting part of the local community.

. Ambitious curriculum that is unique to our children and is flexible.

. Holistic approach -Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional, Social.

. Valuing and respecting the children culture capital eg experiences, knowledge, culture and building on this foundation.

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Our Priorities 

Woodlands gives each child the best start in life by providing an individual experience, that allows them to develop, grow and achieve in their own time.  All children are unique, and this is reflected in our curriculum.

Our curriculum is ambitious, simulating and well planned with new experiences and intriguing themes, Also allowing the children’s ideas, experiences and likes to shine through.  Targets are continuously met regarding each child’s individual needs; this is done through next steps, APDR, EHCP, robust home learning activities/leading library/core book activities/rhymes and regular communication with parents.

Woodlands respects and involves parents and careers in their child’s time at Woodlands, this is done through our continuous communication with parents, community group, individual parent’s groups, events, termly progress meeting and open-door policy.

We are a setting that is rich with authentic, natural, and recycled resources following the curiosity approach style.  These resources offer our children the opportunity to experience play though the natural world and provides the children with an environment that is calm and harmonious, it also encourages positive behaviour that is not over stimulating.

Our environment promotes independence, inquisitive minds, critical thinking, positive health and wellbeing.

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Contact Us

Woodlands can be contacted by Email, Text Massage, WhatsApp, Messenger or by phone call.

105 Chestnut Lane Infant School Amersham HP6 6EF

01494729054 or 07710598468

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