We provide a healthy choice of cereals and wholemeal toast with a selection of spreads.


We provide many healthy snack choices such as: 



Variety of wholemeal breads


and much more   

Fresh Water

Our children are provided with filtered water and are encouraged to drink throughout the day.  They can refill their bottle independently as and when needed.  cups are also available for the children to use.

Hot meals 

little tums provides us with healthy hot meals

"Our core belief at Little Tums is that all children should have the opportunity to eat a varied and balanced diet, which includes foods grown locally and also foods from around the world"

The children also independently set the table, serve their own hot meals and wash up after lunch. 

We use ceramic plates, metal cutlery and glass cups.

Based on "Montessori life skills"



Promoting Independence

Each day the children are able to participate in a cooking activity, whether its preparing snack or making something healthy to eat on the way home.

The children enjoy hot cooking using our camping stove and BBQ. They also  enjoy cold cooking such as making salads, pitta pockets etc. 

Cooking supports independence, social skills, healthy living, mathematical development and more. 


Woodlands Day Nursery Amersham