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Meal times at Woodlands 

Woodlands understands a healthy and balanced breakfast is crucial for children.  Breakfast provides the energy children need to start their day, a nutritious breakfast improves cognitive function, allowing children to concentrate better, follow instructions and participate in activities effectively. 

Incorporating a variety of food groups, such as whole grain, fruits, dairy and protein, into a child's breakfast is essential for a well-rounded start to the day. 

Woodlands offers a morning and afternoon snack.

Snacks provide a source of energy between meal times, helping to maintain children energy levels and focus throughout the day.  Woodlands provides snack that that supply essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fibre, which are crucial for growth and development.

Offering wholesome snacks teaches children about making nutritious food choices and encourages a preference to healthier options.

Care-Catering provides Woodlands with diverse hot lunches, introducing children to different foods and flavours, which can help develop their taste preferences.  

Woodlands provides a High tea at 4:45, Monday to Thursday, Which offers a selection of finger foods/mini hot pots, seasonal fruits and soups. 

At meal times the sight of children sitting down together to enjoy a meal is a heart warming experience, it promotes a sense of family, which in turn, encourages social interactions, where children not only bond over food but also exchange stories, idea's, and laughter, creating a harmonious and supportive atmosphere that nourishes both their bodies and soul.  It also gives the children sense of routine and ritual. 

Independence is something Woodlands prides itself on and this also extends to meal times,  as the children gather around the tables, each child takes on the responsibility of self-serving their own meals. This practice extends far beyond fostering independence; its a lesson in self reliance, responsibility, and the importance of making choices. By allowing them to self-serve their own portions,  we empower our little ones to explore there preferences, learn about portion control, and develop a sense of autonomy.  

The practice of children setting up the table for their lunchtime at Woodlands Day Nursery is not just about meal preparation; it's about holistic child development. It encourages independence, social skills, cultural awareness, and numerous other valuable qualities that will shape our young learners into responsible and well-rounded individuals, ready to face the challenges of the future with confidence and competence.

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Healthy food/Cooking: Video


At woodlands we recognise, the immense educational value of cooking experiences for our young learners. Our culinary activities go beyond just creating delicious dishes, they are powerful learning opportunity's. When children engage in cooking, they are not only developing essential life skills, like following instructions, measuring ingredients, and food safety, but also fostering creativity and team work.  Cooking experiences stimulate there senses, enhance vocabulary, and introduce them to various cultures and cuisines. More importantly, it instils a life long appreciation, for heathy eating habits and a understanding of where food comes from.  In our nurturing enviroment, cooking is a delightful journey, where children not only savour the taste of their creations but also savour the knowledge they have gained along the way.

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