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With Miss Emma
Playball at Woodlands offers numerous advantages.  It promotes physical fitness and healthy habits from a early age, helping children to develop coordination, balance, and motor skills through enjoyable activities.  Playball also nurtures teamwork and sportsmanship as children engage in group play.  Playball teaches children that they can overcome challenges and develop a growth mindset.  Beyond physical benefits, these sessions enhance social interactions, boost self confidence, sand can be a source of joy and excitement for our young learners.

Extra curricular activities: Our Mission


With Madam Cardell
Teaching French to nursery age children offers a range of benefits.  Firstly, it introduces them to the concept of multilingualism early in life, which can lead to improved language learning abilities in the future.  Learning a second language like French at a young age can enhance cognitive development, including problem solving skills and creativity.
Additional, exposure to French culture and language expands children's cultural awareness  and global fosters tolerance and appreciation for diversity, which is essential in todays interconnected world.  Moreover, early exposure to a second language can improve communication skills, boost self-confidence, and even enhance academic performance in other subjets.

Extra curricular activities: Our Mission

With Mr Rob
Mr Rob visits Woodlands on a Monday morning, his music sessions offer a host of advantages for young children.  It provides them with a structured and enriching introduction to the world of music, which has a profound impact on their development .  Through regular music sessions, children can develop essential cognitive, social, and emotional skills.  they learn to listen attentively, follow instruction, and work cooperatively with their peers.  Music fosters creativity and self- expression, allowing children to explore their imagination and emotion.

Extra curricular activities: Our Mission
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