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Our Outside Area 

Outdoor play provides children with opportunities to engage in physical activities like running, jumping, climbing, and playing sports.  These activities help develop their gross motor skills, improve co-ordination, and build physical strength.  It encourages exploration and discovery.  children can investigate the natural world, observe changes in the enviroment, and develop a better understanding of cause and effect. It also stimulates their creativity and problem solving skills as they adapt to different outdoor scenarios.  Playing outdoors with peers promotes social interactions, co operation, and the development of essential social skills. children learn to share, negotiate, take turns and resolve conflict, they also build self confidence as they take on physical challenges.  Spending time outside in the natural enviroment and fresh air has also been plinked to improving mental health and well being in children.  Outdoor play can reduce stress, anxiety and restlessness while enhancing mood and overall emotional resilience. 

Our Garden supports the children with their gross motor skills, imaginative play and exploring the world around them.

We have a wide range of equipment such as:

climbing frames, footballs, sand area, 

large mud kitchen, water area, small, large bikes and scuttle bugs 

loose parts

The Child enjoying making obstacle courses with large loose parts 

Our Outside Area's: Welcome

Forest School

Forest school immerses children in nature outdoor environments, fostering a deep and lasting connection to nature.  This connection can install a lifelong love for the outdoors.  Forest school emphasises holistic development, addressing not only cognitive skill but social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  Children engage in activities that promote creativity, problem solving, it is 
Once a week we take the children to the Adventure playground, this supports the children's Gross Motor skills and will support them in taking risks.

Our Outside Area's: Welcome


Growing fruit and vegetables at nursery with children offers numerous educational, development, and mental health benefits.

Children activity participate in planting , nurturing and harvesting of crops.  his hands-on-experiences deepens their understanding of plant life cycle, biology, and the enviroment.  Child involvement in growing fruit and vegetables fosters a strong connection between children and the food they eat.  This connection often leads to a greater willingness to try and enjoy a wider range of fresh produce, prompting healthy eating habits.

Gardening teaches children about sustainability and environmental stewardship.  They become aware of the importance of conserving resources, reducing waste, and caring for the enviroment.  Planting seeds, digging, weeding, and harvesting involves various fine motor skills.  Gardening helps develop coordination and physical abilities . 


Our Outside Area's: Welcome

Scooter and Bike Training 

During the Year we also do scooter and bike training with the children.

We encourage the children to bring their bikes and scooters in from home along with their helmets.

We go down to the school playground and do mini activates and talk about road safety. 

Our Outside Area's: Welcome

Adventure Playground 

Our Outside Area's: Welcome
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