Our Home Corner

Our Home corner supports both individual and co-operative play.

It is set out to encourage the children to explore, imitate and re-enact events, celebrations and experiences such as going to the shops, doctors, hairdressers or just being at home with family. 

We believe that creating a Home corner which is similar to a child's real home invites them to play and be engaged.  

Our play-dough and clay station is always a buzz with activity and is a great part of our home corner. The children become absorbed in sensory play and their imagination comes to life. When the children are being creative this leads the way to help in developing their communication and social skills as they talk about what they have created. It also develops problem solving, mathematics and more.

The children independently make the dough and have a wide range of natural and real resources to extend their play.

Boy at Playground
Kids at Playground
Kids Painting
Child Doing Art Activity
Kids in Preschool

Mark Making and creative area 

Our mark making area supports the children physically with their fine motor skills, it also helps to develop their imagination, creative development, hand eye co-ordination and muscle control in their hands and fingers.

We also mark make on large pieces of paper  on the floor "tummy time." Paper stuck on the underneath of tables "cave drawing," and also marking outside with chalks and water with paint brushes. 

This area supports the children's creativity.

The children are encouraged to make their own paint in the recycled jam jars, exploring different shades and how colours can be changed when mixed together. 

We use a wide range of painting equipment such as different sized brushes, wine cork lids, cotton buds, sponges & hands/fingers and more.

The children also enjoy Creating 3D Models using recycled mixed sized boxes, egg cartoons, yoghurt, tubes etc 

Boy at Playground
Kids at Playground
Kids Painting
Child Doing Art Activity
Kids in Preschool

Story and Rhyme area

This area promotes Communication/Language, Expressive Arts & Design, Physical Development and Literacy.

Welcome time 

Every morning at 9:30 the children sit in this area for Welcome time .

This is a time where we all say good morning to each other and we look at the Day, Date and which staff are in to play with us. We discuss the activities that we shall be enjoying that day.

We look at the sounds of the week and try out the tongue twisters and nursery rhymes. We also see what 'Beauty' the beat baby has brought to show. We end with shake and wake (dancing to music to wake up our bodies).

During free play the children can come to this area to relax and look at a book independently, with a friend or an adult.  We also use this area to sing rhymes/songs, CD stories and role play. 

This is an area where the children can go if they are feeling tired or would like to rest.

Woodlands also Participate in World Book Day 



We also use this area for children that need to sleep while they our with us.  Each child has their own sleep bag which contains a blanket and a fitted bed sheet, all comforters are welcome


Mini Loose Parts area 

This area supports the children's Creativity, Self confidence, Expressive Arts and Design, Mathematics and Characteristics of effective learning, Having their own ideas and being able to implement them.  

All objects in this area are recycled or natural items.   


Small world/Construction Station 

This area gives the children the opportunity to be imaginative and creative.

Being able to have every day knowledge and putting that into their play.  such as playing with the train track, farm and zoo animals.

They are also able to be builders in the area making construction with magnets blocks, wooden pieces and much more.

Boy at Playground
Kids at Playground
Kids Painting
Child Doing Art Activity
Kids in Preschool