Your child's Key Person and Buddy


At Woodlands every child has a key person/Buddy. Children thrive from a base of love and secure relationships. It is the key person’s responsibility to form secure attachments with the child. Responding sensitively to the child's feelings, behaviour and meeting their emotional, needs by giving reassurance. 

Key person is involved with 2 year check if required

Woodlands also has a buddy system, this is to ensure that all children make a secure bond with their key person and their buddy in an event of their key person being unavailable.

At Woodlands we offer two 3 hour visits, but this all depends on the Childs needs.

We also hold term parent consultations with your child key person, however we have an open door policy, meaning you can make an appointment with your child's key person at any time.


Stay and Play 

At Woodlands we encourage Parents to come in and spend time with the children. It is not only beneficial for your child but also for you as a parent.

You get to see first hand the things your child enjoys participating in while they are at nursery and it also gives your child a sense of pride and excitement.


Fundamental Values

Democracy, Rule of Law, Mutual Respect, individual liberty


At Woodlands we love to look at and learning about different celebrations. Over the years we have enjoyed celebrations such as: 

Luna/Chinese new year 







Mother/Fathers Day 


Earth Day

Pancake Day 

St George's/Patricks/Andrews/David 


The children often bring in birthday treats/cake so that they can celebrate their birthday with their friends whilst in the setting.  We all sing happy birthday and your child enjoys blowing out the candles

(We also video this moment for you to view at home)


At Woodlands We try our best to teach the children about developing countries and children that are less fortunate then ourselves.

We do this by supporting 3 charity’s a year:

Save the children

Wear it pink Cancer Research

Comic/sports relief

We also support a small local independent charity called Janie’s Homeless friends

Teaching the children about mutual respect, the feelings of others, freedom to have their own views and opinions, but to also respect the opinions of others and individuality is very important at Woodlands.  We celebrate our similarities and differences.