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Pre - School At Woodlands 

At Woodlands we Understand the importance of preparing children for the transition to school

Preparing children for school is a vital cornerstone of their educational journey.

The formative years before school entry are a critical period for cognitive and emotional growth.

our commitment to preparing children for the transition to school ensure that they enter the classroom ready to engage, explore and excel.  

At Woodlands we believe  in nurturing the potential of each child, recognising that this early preparation is the key to unlocking their future success.

Join us in the essential endeavour to provide children with the tools they need to flourish in school and beyond.

Woodlands has strong bonds with the local school that ensures all children has a smooth transition to school,  we also encourage all school to visit the children at Woodlands.

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At Woodlands we emphasise the crucial role of preparing children in Mathematics for school.  Early exposure to Mathematical concepts not only builds a strong foundation but also fosters confidence in tackling future challenges.

Our dedicated approach ensures that children enter school with confidence and skills they need to excel in Mathematics and, in turn, succussed in their academic pursuits.

By instilling a love for Mathematics and ensuring proficiency in fundamental Mathematical skills, we empower our young learners to succeed academically and embrace the challenges of the class room with enthusiasm.

Some of the area's Woodlands teaches are:    

. Subitising - to perceive the number of (a group of items) at a glance and with out counting. 

. Adding and Subtracting (By using 10 frames)

. Exploring units of measure

. Making Estimations 

. Sequencing 

. Exploring 2D/3D shapes 

. Exploring time 

and much more 

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Writing and Letter Formation + Sounds and Phonics 

Writing and letter formation 

By introducing children to the world of writing and letter formation, we lay the ground work for their future academic achievements.  these skills not only enable children to express their thoughts and ideas but also enhance their fine motor skills, co-ordination and cognitive development.  Our dedicated approach to pre-school writing fosters a love for language and sets children on a path to becoming confident writers.  At Woodlands we believe that by nurturing these foundational skills, we empower our children to enter school with the tools they need to thrive in reading and writing,  ultimately shaping their educational journey for success. 

Sounds and Phonics 

Woodlands understands the pivotal role that phonics plays in a child's journey toward becoming a proficient reader and communicator.  By introducing our Pre-Schoolers to the world of sounds and phonics, we ignite their curiosity for language and pave the way for reading success.  They essential skills  help children decode words, develop their vocabulary, and enhance their overall communication abilities.

Woodlands has a weekly 

. Sound (with sound book and song)

. Tongue twister 

. Word of the week 

Some areas Woodlands Teaches

. Pronunciation of sounds  

. C-V-C words (consonant - vowel - consonant words)

. Hearing initial sounds in words 

. Blending sounds  

. Name recognition

and more 

. Name Formation 

.  finger gym to strengthen hand muscles (fine motor)

. Phonics games 

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Pre-School Home Learning 

Home learning for Pre-Schoolers is a dynamic and enriching journey that shapes the very foundation of their education.

At Woodlands each child is given a Book bag and each week is provided learning for home, such as the sound of the week, letter formation, number activities.  Woodlands also provides information to support parents.

Children at Woodlands love taking their book bag home and enjoying brining it back and showing their completed work, as they will have a book bag at school this is another stepping stone to support the transition.

Pre- School: About Us
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