Theses are some of the improvements we have implemented. 

  • All staff at Woodlands are continuously developing their skills and knowledge through training and supervision.  At present the Assistant Manager is completing a Level 4 in advances practice.  Other courses we will be completing in the Autumn term are leaders and management journey to outstanding.            

  • We are developing our home learning resources with many activities and idea that are readily available for parents to take home to support their children's learning.

  • Pre-school children are also given a folder with lots of fun educational ideas to support the children at home.

  • All staff will receive SEND training to support children and our inclusion policy.  Area of training will cover Autism and Dyspraxia.  This training will support child intervention and narrow the gap with children's progress and development.

  • We have recently made some ambitious changes to out indoor/outdoor environment and will continue to progress with these changes.  We are developing our own "Curiosity Approach" through our environment and resources, inspiring the children with wonder and curiosity.  Where we can we have traded plastic with natural and try and keep plastic to an absolute minimum as you can see throughout our website.

  • Parents will now be able to take their child's learning journal home at any time, this gives the child an opportunity to share their work and achievements with their family.  Parents can also add information to their children learning journal.

  • Regular visits to the Croft residential home - This supports the children in respecting their Elders, learning from the wise and builds confidence. (more information on our outing section)

  • Introducing mini forest school - The children grow in confidence because of the outdoor freedom to explore this helps social skills, communication, motivation/concentration and so much more (more information on our outing section) 

  • We have purchased a camping stove so that we can now offer more varied cooking opportunities and experiences such as making chapatis, omelettes, crepes among other hot cooking. (more information on our cooking section)

  • Making links/relationships with other nurseries, sharing information, ideas and supporting each other.

  • We introduced a "My journey through Woodlands" providing the children with different experiences as the make their journey through Woodlands such as: visiting pets, having a take away, meeting people from the local community such as the police, musicians and more. 

  • STEM - science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Giving the children the opportunity to investigate and encourage them to ask questions, making links and being creative.

  • Yoga and Thai Chi as you may have read in the extra curricula section.

  • staff training on promoting Literacy - This has developed the children's emergent hand writing through writing and drawing pictures for different characters.        


Medium and Long term Quality and improvement Strategies

  • We have recently introduced Preedies.  A phonics programme that uses listening abilities to ensure the children  are fully aware of the letter sounds before the introduction of symbols.  Activities will be differential to children's age and abilities.  All staff will receive training and we look forward to seeing this programme has on the setting and the children's phonic awareness.

  • Deputy Manager will be starting  a level four in advanced practitioner.

  • Millie's Mark     

  • refurbishment of kitchen and floor 

  • Robust performance management using  "Smart targets" for staff. 


Woodlands Day Nursery Amersham